27 Jan 2021

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In Computers, what does ALU stand for?

The ratio of ages of Suraj and Mohan 4 years ago was 7:8 and after 5 years from now, their ratio will become 10:11. Find the present age of Suraj.

The book titled 'Social Harmony' is written by:

BJP won how many seats in the Lok Sabha election 2019? 

A can complete a task in 16 days and B is 4 times faster than A. Find the part of work done by both A and B together in 1 day. 

If in a certain language M = 13 and MAT = 34 then how WAX is coded in that language?

All India Muslim League was founded in which year?

When was the khilafat movement started?

A can complete a work in 12 days and B can complete the same work in 24 days. Find the time taken by both A
and B together to complete the work. 

If Meera's mother's age is four times of Meera's. After 5 years Meera's mother's age will be three times that of Meera, Then what will be the age of Meera?

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