Civil Shift I

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What will be the carrying capacity of a horizontal rectangular channel 4 m wide, conveying a discharge of 1 cumec per meter width of the channel?

What is the SI unit for dynamic viscosity?

As per IS 456-2000, the short term static modulus of elasticity (Ec) in terms of the characteristic cube strength (fck) in MPa units is given by:

The annual or periodical payment for repayment of the capital amount invested on a property for a specified period is known as:

What will be the percentage of passing aggregate for grading zone 1 of sieve size 1.18 mm?

In mix design for M25 concrete, the assumed standard deviation for estimation of target mean strength of concrete mix, as recommended by IS 456: 2000 is (in N/mm2):

Which of the following can be considered as a taking-off point in road planning in India?

Which constituent in cement is to be kept minimum to avoid a sulfate attack?

The amount of cement required for 100 m2 area, of damp proof course with 2.5 cm thickness, in with proportion of 1: 2: 4 (cement : sand: aggregate) will be:

Which type of odor characteristic is NOT used for classifying the odor of a given water sample as per IS 3025 (part- 5) 1983?

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