Biomedical Instrumentation

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Bioelectric Potential are generated at _______ level.

Bioelectric Potential are Produced due to the action of

The source of Bioelectric potential is _______in nature.

The main ions involved in the generation of Biomedical Potential are

The type of potential generated electrically in a cell as a result of the electrochemical activity is/are

The ion that is not involved with the phenomena of producing cell potentials is ______.

The relatively static membrane potential of quiescent cells is also called as

The variation of the electrical potential associated with the passage of a pulse along the membrane of a muscle cell or a nerve cell is called ______.

After a cell is stimulated, a finite period of time is required for the cell to return to its pre-stimulus state. This period is known as _____.

The biometric potential can be recorded externally by means of

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