Civil Shift-II

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The length of a line measured by a 30 m chain was found to be 450 m. If the chain was 0.2 links short, then find the true length of the line.

The timber extracted from felled trees is classified based on the position of the tree as per IS 399 belongs to:

The scale of a map is represented by a representative fraction as 1: 4000. The distance between two points A and B in the map is 10 cm. The distance AB on the ground is (in km units):

Which of the following is a sedimentary rock?

In an orifice the coefficient of contraction is defined as the ratio of:

When a 30-meter chain is tested for its accuracy against a steel tape standardized at 20°C with an 8 kg pull, its overall length should NOT deviate beyond 30 ____.

The steepest gradient computed for a 2-degree curve with a ruling gradient of 1 in 200 is done for broad gauge (MG) railway lines. Select the correct inference from the given options.

In a cement concrete work mixed in proportion 1: 2: 4 (cement: fine aggregate: coarse aggregate) by volume, the fine aggregate is observed to have a bulking of 10%. If the correction for bulking is NOT applied, what will be the actual dry fine aggregate in the concrete mix proportion?

According to IS: 654-1962, the maximum water absorption percentage of Class AA type Mangalore pattern tiles is:

The moisture content of sewage sludge of two samples was reduced as follows:

Sample A: 97% to 95%
Sample B: 98% to 96%

Select the correct inference.

1 - 10 of 98