Measurement & Instrumentation

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A measuring system consists of

An instrument in which the value of electrical quantity to be measured can be determined from the deflection of the instrument when it has been precalibrated by comparison with an absolute instrument

A pointer of an instrument once deflected returns to zero position, when the current is removed due to

In hot wire instrument, the sensing wire is made of

An ammeter is inserted in _______

An ammeter is convertible to a voltmeter by

Which of the following material will be preferred as a shunt for extending the range of measurement of a voltmeter?

What should be the size of the slide wire of the potentiometer to make it achieve high accuracy

A resistance of 75 Ohms is connected in shunt of a galvanometer, having an internal resistance of 25 Ohms, to convert it into an ammeter. What is the value of current (in A) flowing through the galvanometer, if the total current in the circuit is 5 A?

Which of the following is not an integrating instrument?

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