Power System

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A shunt reactor at 100 MVAr is operated at 98% of its rated voltage and at 96% of its rated frequency. The reactive power absorbed by the reactor is

A single-phase transformer with a 2-kVA rating has a 480-V primary and a 120-V secondary. Determine the primary and secondary full-load currents of the transformer.

With the help of a reactive compensator, it is possible to have

In case of 3 phase short circuit in a system, the power fed into the system is

The percentage resistance and percentage reactance of a 10 kVA, 400 V/200 V, 3- phase transformer are 2% and 10% respectively. If the constant losses in the machine are 1%, the maximum possible percentage efficiency of the transformer is

Determine a minimum circuit breaker trip rating and interrupting capacity for a 10 kVA single-phase transformer with 4% impedance, to be operated from a 480 volt 60 Hz source.

A star-connected 440V, the 50Hz alternator has per phase synchronous reactance of 10?. It supplies a balanced load current of 20A, as shown in the per-phase equivalent circuit diagram below. It is desirable to have a zero voltage regulation. The load power factor should be

The synchronous motor connected to an infinite bus takes power at a lag p.f. If its excitation is increased

The synchronous generator connected to an infinite bus. If its excitation is increased it

An alternator has a phase sequence of RYB for its phase voltage. In case the direction of rotation of alternator is reversed, the phase sequence will become

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