Strength of Materials

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Engineering strain of a mild steel sample is recorded as 0.100%. The true strain is ______

If the principal stresses in a plane stress problem, are σ1 = 100 MPa, σ2 = 40 MPa, the magnitude of the maximum shear stress (in MPa) will be

The creep strains are

An inverted T-section is subjected to a shear force F. The maximum shear stress will occur at:

Poisson's ratio for aluminum ranges between-

A column of height h with rectangular cross-section of a × 2a has a buckling load of P. If the cross-section is changed to 0.5a × 3a and height changed to 1.5h, the buckling load of the redesigned column will be

Which of the following is the example of lever of first order?

Two non-collinear parallel equal forces acting in opposite direction

The M.I. of hollow circular section about a central axis perpendicular to section as compared to its M.I. about horizontal axis is

In virtual work equation some forces are neglected. Select the most appropriate answer from the following:

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