A dummy activity in a network diagram

A dummy activity in a network diagram

Right Answer is:

All of these


Dummy activity (zero time activity)

  • An activity that takes no time or resources whatsoever is called dummy activity or zero time activity.
  • It is an assumed activity that is represented by the dashed arrow.
  • A dummy is an artificial activity introduced in a network to maintain a unique numbering system for the different activities.
  • It Keeps the logical sequence of activities and their interrelationships correct.
  • In most projects, many activities can be performed concurrently or simultaneously.
  • It is possible that two activities could be drawn by the same beginning and end events.
  • In situations where two or more activities can be performed concurrently, the concept of dummy activity is introduced to resolve this problem.
  • The concept of dummy enables all activities in a project to be shown by only one arrow for each.
  • In other words, a dummy is some job or task which stipulates a necessary time orientation but the activity takes no time or resources in itself.
  • These are used to represent a situation where one event cannot take place until a previous event has been completed,
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