Which of the following is a lower pair?

Which of the following is a lower pair?

Right Answer is:

Piston and cylinder


Kinematic pairs according to the types of contact

Lower pair: A pair is said to be a lower pair when the connection between two elements is through the area of contact and the relative motion between elements is purely turning or sliding. All sliding, turning and screw pairs form lower pairs.

Some of the types of Lower pair are:

  • Revolute Pair
  • Prismatic Pair
  • Screw Pair ( Helical pair )
  • Cylindrical Pair
  • Planar Pair

Higher pair: A higher pair is defined as a pair in which the connection between two elements has only a point or line connection. The relative motion between the elements consists of a combination of sliding and turning motion which is very different from the purely sliding and turning motion of a lower pair.

Examples of higher pairs are:

  • A point contact takes place when spheres rest on a plane or curved surfaces (in the case of ball bearings)
  • Contact between teeth of skew-helical gears
  • Contact made by roller bearings
  • Contact between teeth of most of the gears
  • Contact between cam-follower
  • Spherical Pair
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