Vacancy defects in solids is a subtype of ______

Vacancy defects in solids is a subtype of ______

Right Answer is:

Point imperfections


Vacancy defects in solids are a subtype of point imperfections.

  • Point defects, as the name implies, are imperfect point-like regions in the crystal.
  • The typical size of a point defect is about 1-2 atomic diameters.
  • Sometimes it is also known as an intrinsic or thermodynamic defect.

Vacancy defect:

  • When an atom is not present at their lattice sites, then that lattice site is vacant and it creates a vacancy defect.
  • Due to this, the density of a substance decreases.
Point Imperfections (Zero-Dimensional) Line Imperfections (One-Dimensional) Surface Imperfections (Two-Dimensional) Volume Imperfections(Three-Dimensional)
Vacancies Dislocations Surface Voids
Interstitial Impurities Disclinations Grain boundaries Cracks
Substitutional Impurities Twin boundaries Inclusions
Schottky defect Stacking faults Precipitates
Frenkel defect Interphase boundary Twins
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