Choose the wrong statement Time study is used to

Choose the wrong statement Time study is used to

Right Answer is:

Determine overhead expenses


Time study is a work measurement technique for recording the times and rates of working for the elements of a specified job carried out under specified conditions and for analyzing the data so as to obtain the time necessary for carrying out the job at a defined level of performance.

Objectives of Time study

The main objective of time study is “to determine by direct observation, the quantity of human work in a specified task and hence to establish the standard time, within which an average worker working at a normal pace should complete the task using a specified method”. The other objectives are:

  1. To furnish a basis of comparison for determining operating effectiveness.
  2. To set labor standards for satisfactory performance.
  3. To compare alternative methods in method study in order to select the best method.
  4. To determine standard costs.
  5. To determine equipment and labor requirements.
  6. To determine basic times/normal times.
  7. To determine the number of machines an operator can handle.
  8. To balance the work of operators in production or assembly lines.
  9. To provide a basis for setting piece rates or incentive wages.
  10. To set the completion schedules for individual operations or jobs.
  11. To determine the cycle time for completion of a job.

Note:- Time study is not used to determine overhead expenses.

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